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SO. MUCH. POWER. Eloy Jimenez Just Destroyed a Stadium Light with a Home Run Derby Homer

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He doesn’t really need to do much more to reach mythic proportions in the minds of Chicago Cubs fans. Top prospect Eloy Jimenez is already a monstrously wonderful player in our eyes.


But, just for fun, he added another layer to that wonderfulness today, as captured by Baseball America’s JJ Cooper.

Eloy Jimenez destroyed a stadium light WAY up above the outfield wall during the Carolina League Home Run Derby:

If you weren’t watching that with the sound on, may I advise that you do so. And then consider how far he hit that ball, and how casual his swing was. My heavens.

I also love that he’d already taken another swing by the time his monster shot reached the light.

When Jimenez’s name pops up in trade rumors – like earlier today – you’ll have to forgive me if moments like this make me clench a little bit.


If that all looks familiar, by the way, or just want to be reminded of the famous baseball movie moment:

So, who you got? Eloy Jimenez destroying a stadium light, or Kyle Schwarber smashing a car windshield in Arizona a couple years ago?


Brett Taylor

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