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History’s Greatest Leadoff Hitter DID IT AGAIN: Another Homer for Anthony Rizzo (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

We are witnessing madness, my friends. There is no hyperbole too hyperbolic in this moment.


For the seventh straight game since moving into the leadoff spot, Anthony Rizzo reached base in his first plate appearance of the night. And for the third time, he did so via the homer.

I don’t even know what to say. Just watch and enjoy (via @MLB):

And to think, I was a little worried that the fact that the Padres might throw at Rizzo would be in his head a little bit, and he might not be *quite* as ready to swing away as usual. You are a fool, Brett.

Rizzo freaking crushed that one, too:

In case you were wondering, LOL:

Keep on doin’ work, Anthony:


Brett Taylor

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