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BOOM x 2 – Javy Baez and Willson Contreras Go Deep to Give the Cubs the Early Lead (VIDEOS)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

I’ll confess up front that I might not make it to the end of this one. I’ve got early kiddo duty (and I’m on Eastern Time), and I’m also trying to store up some sleep in advance of the Blogathon.


So, to give you a little something before I pass out, here are Javy Baez and Willson Contreras going deep in the third inning to give the Cubs the early lead.

First, there’s Baez hitting a liner rocket to center:

That was Baez’s 11th homer of the year, putting him on pace to blow past the 14 he hit last year. Statcast had that one at 109 mph off the bat, and heading out 425 feet in a hurry.

Willson Contreras also went way deep to center:

Contreras remains blistering hot, and that was his 13th homer of the year, one more than he hit last year. Contreras, with a look back at his first base coach or maybe the Braves’ dugout, sent that one out at 108 mph and 416 feet.



Brett Taylor

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