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Kris Bryant Was Just Ejected for the First Time in His Career Because of a Terrible Call

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Well, the Cubs got off to a good start today, taking a 4-2 lead into the fifth inning, but they’ll have to close this one out without their MVP.


Indeed, Kris Bryant was ejected in the bottom of the fourth inning earlier today, arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire Lance Barksdale. Of course, if you know anything at all about Bryant, you’ll know that he almost never says a peep to any umpire … and he happens to have a fantastic understanding of the strike zone.

In any case, he found himself at odds with Barksdale in the fourth.

Take a look (you can watch the full video at

That was the first ejection of Bryant’s MLB career, and, as you can see by the pitch tracker, Bryant was right to be upset – that was a terrible call.

Oh, and since then/as I’m writing this up, three White Sox players (Jose Abreu, Matt Davidson, and Yoan Moncada) have been hit by a pitch and the Sox have retaliated (pretty clearly intentional) against the youngster Ian Happ (though to be fair, the White Sox have been hit a total of FOUR times by Lackey today).


The Crosstown Cup is hot this year. Yeesh.


Michael Cerami

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