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WATCH: Ian Happ Cut Down a Runner at the Plate with a Great Throw from Center Field

Chicago Cubs Highlights

Although this is a somewhat unspectacular play, it is, for me, rather notable. Earlier this year, as decent as Ian Happ looked covering ground in center field – a position to which he was still adjusting – I felt like his arm was extremely erratic out there.


And, of course, it still could be, but he made a really nice play tonight to cut down a runner at the plate.

He had to field a groundball single up the middle, and then fire a strike home:

OK, so calling that a “strike” is probably a bit much, but it was a good, very strong throw that gave Rene Rivera a chance to make a nice play to convert the out.

We don’t know what the future holds for Ian Happ, especially as Javy Baez increasingly emerges as a must-start player in the middle infield, so the more he can acclimate to center field, and perform reasonably well there defensively, the better.



Brett Taylor

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