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Beware of Voodoo: Brewers Made a Javy Baez Doll Out of Baseballs in the Dugout

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Last night’s game wasn’t a total disaster, if you consider the pitching performances by the Cubs.


But there was one other shining bit in the game, and it actually emanated from the Brewers’ dugout. With some time on their hands (expanded rosters, ftw!), a few of the players who know Javy Baez well got together to make … a Javy Baez doll out of baseballs.

The result was both hilarious and unsettling?

Ah, the hair. Nicely done.

I am not a professional lip-reader or Spanish-speaker, but I *think* that was Javy telling the Brewers that they are still four games out and they have “nada” on him or the Cubs.

Either way, it was clear he was enjoying the moment as much as the Brewers were.

Then again, if Baez suddenly starts booting balls, goes 0 for his next 25, and then suffers a mysterious back injury, we’ll know there was something more sinister at play in the Brewers dugout …

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Brett Taylor

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