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Enhanced Box Score: Rays 8, Cubs 1 – September 20, 2017

Enhanced Box Scores

The Cubs are just ready to move on to the Brewers, right? Ah … eh hem … er …


So, tonight’s game was not at any point especially competitive, from the moment Steven Souza took Jon Lester deep in the first inning, and on through the ugliness that followed.

Lester once again struggled with his command, and couldn’t put hitters away. Despite lasting 4.1 innings, he didn’t record a single strikeout – not a good sign. And in those 4.1 innings, he allowed 7 ER on 8 H and 3 BB. Yikes. We’ll have to dig in more on Lester tomorrow (in addition to our concerning look earlier today).

Offensively, the Cubs didn’t get much going down in Tampa Bay, and hopefully that doesn’t carry over to Milwaukee.

I’m just shaking this off, remembering that the Cubs won 7 in a row coming into tonight, and they can’t win them all, and they are still generally playing well, and they’ll probably be fine, and they only need to split with the Brewers, and everything is fine, and they can’t win them all, and it’s OK, and they won 7 in a row, and it’s OK …

Full box score.


Brett Taylor

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