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Javy Baez is So Good He Can Play Shortstop AND Second Base on the Same Double Play (VIDEO)

Chicago Cubs Highlights

Last night’s game was a disaster for the Cubs in any case, but it could have been a lot worse a lot earlier if not for the magic of Javy Baez.


Nominally playing second base last night, Baez decided to dabble in a little bit of shortstop AND second base to turn a magnificent inning-ending double play in the second inning.

Take it away, El Mago:

That’s just incredible. Ranging from his position by second base, Baez cuts in front of shortstop Addison Russell, who was playing deep in the shift, goes back to second base and powers a throw just in time to get both the runner and the batter.

Could Russell have gotten the ball quickly enough to Baez if he’d simply covered second base? Yes, to get the out at second. But I really doubt Baez would have been able to turn and fire with enough to get the runner at first base.


In other words, yet another totally instinctive play from Baez, and I’m pretty sure that was the only way the Cubs were getting a double play on that grounder. He’s special.

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Brett Taylor

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