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Some Serious Drama Going Down in Braves Front Office, with Resignations and MLB Investigation (UPDATE)

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Big and strange stuff happening in the Braves front office, where they’d recently been extremely successful in the international market, yielding one of the best farm systems in baseball.


But, um, about that:

Who knows what’s going on, but it must have been pretty bad, as Bob Nightengale says Coppolella is not expected to resurface in MLB.


I’d imagine the particulars will come out soon enough, but it’s a reminder that, when it comes to international shenanigans, MLB will investigate and pounce where appropriate. Teams were already on notice when it comes to Shohei Otani’s possible leap to MLB this offseason under the IFA rules, but if the Braves are about to get popped for serious IFA violations, then it’ll be all the more warning.

We’ll see what happens. It’s possible that signings will be voided, in addition to punishments levied.

The other implication here is that there is now at least one high-profile front office opening in MLB, and up-and-coming talent will be sought after to fill the role.

UPDATE: Not sure if this means solely with respect to Coppolella, solely with respect to the Braves (but in other areas), or with respect to the IFA market as a whole. Either way, it sounds ominous:



Brett Taylor

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