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Kyle Schwarber Hit the Ball So Hard It Dented the Wall 385 Feet Away

Chicago Cubs Highlights

Although he will continue to only infrequently start this postseason, Kyle Schwarber will do his best to make his presence known when given the opportunity.


Example? Last night in the 7th inning, Schwarber was called upon to pinch hit against lefty Sammy Solis, and he crushed the ball. Extremely crushed the ball. Severely crushed the ball.

To be specific, he hit the ball so hard – 114.8 mph – that it dented the top of the outfield wall 385 feet away (Statcast):

Schwarber hit the ball so hard that he had no chance of turning that into a double. I am confident in saying it was the longest, hardest single in NLDS history.


Schwarber went on to go first to third on a Jon Jay single, and then scored what would prove the decisive run on a Kris Bryant force out.

I guess the good news is that if Schwarber had hit this one about three feet higher, the dent would have been in a fan instead of the wall:



Brett Taylor

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