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BREAKING: Dodgers Leave Shortstop Corey Seager Off NLCS Roster

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Wow. We knew that Corey Seager was dealing with a back issue, but the Dodgers were still optimistic he would be able to play tonight.


Not only will the stud shortstop not play tonight, he might miss the whole series, as the Dodgers have announced their NLCS roster … without Seager on it.

The 23-year-old lefty hitter went .295/.375/.479 this season, and was worth 5.7 WAR with a plus glove at shortstop. To say losing him is a big blow to the Dodgers is an understatement.

All that said, don’t put it past the Dodgers to pull something with the disabled list, as they’ve done all season:


We’ll have to keep our eyes open on that one, because it’s possible Seager will miss only some of the NLCS if the Dodgers suffer an unfortunately-timed injury in the interim elsewhere on the roster. It would have to be a bona fide injury, though, and that player would miss some World Series time.

Meanwhile, Jose Quintana will start for the Cubs tonight, and here’s their NLCS roster.


Brett Taylor

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