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A Young Cubs Fan Lost Her Prized Anthony Rizzo Picture, So Rizzo Did What He Does

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In the Bullets this morning, we mentioned a story from just outside St. Louis, with a 12-year-old Cubs fan named Abby Schrage, who is battling cancer. She lost her prized, signed Anthony Rizzo picture, which very genuinely sounded like it was tremendously important to her. You don’t want to believe someone stole it, but … not everyone is a good person.


But you know who is a good person? Anthony Rizzo:

That Sun-Times piece is definitely worth a read, not only for the Cubs-related aspect, but for the reminder of what so many out there are battling, be they young or old. It lends perspective.


For Abby, Rizzo immediately sent a signed jersey and a new picture to replace the one that vanished. More than that, it turns out that Rizzo, himself a survivor of childhood cancer, had sent her the original picture back in June.

The Cubs also sent the family tickets for Opening Day 2018, per the report.


Brett Taylor

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