Which Cubs Player Would You Most Hate to Lose? Also, a Roster Deadline Looms, and Other Bullets

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Which Cubs Player Would You Most Hate to Lose? Also, a Roster Deadline Looms, and Other Bullets

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The Wife is at a conference this weekend, so I’m solo with the three kiddos today. I expect it will take me about two to three hours to complete these Bullets, because they’ll be broken up in fits and spurts when the kids aren’t screaming or hungry or pooping or literally climbing on top of me.

Go, Brett! Go!

  • I’ve been wondering about the possibility that the Cubs could trade a position player this offseason to add pitching. Well, that’s obvious. What I mean is, setting aside the baseball-related difficulties with making that kind of trade, which we’ve already discussed, I’m wondering which young Cubs player who faces a realistic chance of being traded (so it’s not going to be Bryant, Rizzo, Contreras, or Hendricks) would cause you the most sadness if they were dealt. Like, setting aside the baseball implications of it (because I think it’s fair to assume that the front office won’t pull the trigger on this kind of deal unless it makes a ton of sense from a baseball perspective), and ignoring roster construction and player value for a moment. Which guy do you just flat out not want to see dealt? After all, the reason you want to see the team win in the first place is because you feel connected to it, and you want to enjoy watching them play. So enjoying particular players is pretty understandable.
  • For me, it probably comes down to Javy Baez or Kyle Schwarber. Both are a ton of fun to watch and have such a joy for the game that I can’t help but smile when I’m watching them play. You just never know what Javy is going to do out there, and it remains my belief that Schwarber is going to be one of those guys who you just can’t take your eyes off at the plate. If you forced me to choose one guy to keep, from a pure baseball enjoyment standpoint, I’m probably going with Javy. But man is that a tough question.
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  • Too. Much. To. Process:

  • The Arizona Fall League championship is today, and a couple Cubs get in on the fun:

  • Cubs.com has a profile on outfield prospect Charcer Burks, which is a nice prelude to the looming roster discussion: Burks, like many other Cubs prospects (Adbert Alzolay, Oscar De La Cruz, Trevor Clifton, David Bote, Jason Vosler, Jake Stinnett, and Pedro Araujo among them), is eligible for the Rule 5 Draft this year, and the deadline to protect those players by adding them to the 40-man roster is Monday. The Cubs will have plenty of space on the 40-man roster to do what they want for now, but sometimes you’ve got to roll the dice that a guy won’t be selected in order to preserve 40-man spots for the rest of the offseason (especially when, like the Cubs, you expect to make numerous additions). I suspect the Cubs will have some very tough choices to make, and only Alzolay and De La Cruz, in my view, are locks to be added.
  • (By the way: that rostering deadline often triggers movement around the league – some lesser trades, for example, as Team A is happy to roster Player X, even if Team B is ready to let him go – so head’s up.)
  • Braves President John Hart stepped down yesterday. Although the decision was not explicitly about the IFA scandal that cost a couple top guys their jobs and is set to leave the Braves facing severe punishment, you’ve gotta believe the relationship is there. Hart was not implicated, reportedly, but it all happened on his watch. Moreover, the Braves brought in a new big-name GM in Alex Anthopoulos to run the show, so it was clearly time for Hart to move on.
  • A reminder that this sale at Fanatics ends tonight, and I also wanted to pass on a hat sale for the hat fans among you:


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