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Marlins Ready to Accept Giants or Cardinals Offer, Waiting on Stanton … Who Might Be Waiting on Dodgers

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As the Giancarlo turns …

Given that the Cardinals and Giants had been granted an audience with Giancarlo Stanton and his reps over the past few days, it was already our guess that the Marlins must have found an offer from each of them to be sufficiently acceptable that they were ready to allow those teams to woo Stanton into waiving his no-trade clause. And, just to confirm:


For the purpose of yukks, I think we can say that, if Stanton winds up traded to the Giants, he rejected the Cardinals. Can we say that? I think we can say that. I’m gonna say that.

But it might not matter, because neither the Cardinals nor the Giants are Stanton’s first choice for a new home. That would be his actual home team, which is in Los Angeles:


If you’re the Dodgers, think about the obnoxious power you wield to completely screw over your chief rival … without actually doing anything. “Yes, we’re still thinking about it. Tell Giancarlo we send our love.”


At some point, it’s going to require the Marlins forcing the issue (by saying they’ll just wait until the Trade Deadline), or a trade partner deciding they want to move on with the rest of their offseason (or, least likely, the Dodgers stepping up to actually get seriously involved). I still think Stanton winds up with the Giants when all is said and done, but the Dodgers now have a strong incentive to play out this string.

And with them, much of the rest of the league waits.


Brett Taylor

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