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Gerrit Cole Aggressively Supports the Penguins, is Told to Take it Easy

Funny and Happy

I have to admit, even it sometimes feels forced, I love seeing athletes of one team in the stands of another team from the same city. There’s something cool about it, something unifying. For example, I even heard the Cubs used to let the White Sox players eat up to three free hot dogs, before Mat Latos ruined it for everyone. But I digress.


Gerrit Cole is the young ace of the Pittsburgh Pirates and, is apparently also a big fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s such a big fan, in fact, that he got a little lost in the moment at the last game he was at.

Check it out:

Now that’s excitement.

Unfortunately, Cole kept his mood up just a bit too much and had to be told by the usher (just taking a guess here): “Excuse me, Mr. Sir-Man, can you, uh, please not scream at other players and not knock on the glass … ?”

(“Shh! I secretly don’t care if you knock on the glass, but my boss said I have to say that. Give me a thumbs up as I walk away so I know you still think I’m cool …”).

Cole kept it down after that.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.