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Whoa! The *Sound* of Melvin Upton, Jr. Breaking a Bat Over His Knee is a Must-Listen

Wild and Crazy

Breaking a thick piece of dense lumber over your comparatively soft leg is never advisable. But, when you’re talking about baseball players and the bats they wield at the plate, sometimes the competitive fire takes over and you’ve just gotta break something out of frustration. The bat is in your hand, the leg is right there … it’s a combustible mix.


We’ve enjoyed some good bat breaks in our time here at BIF – Jeff Samardzija did it recently, Bo Jackson did it famously – but it’s possible that what Melvin Upton, Jr. did last night is my favorite one.

Not only was it a firm, clean break … but the sound! The sound of the wood snapping was loud enough to echo through the park:

That’s just a perfect break right there. And the sound of the crowd ooooooh’ing immediately after the loud *snap* of the bat is just too awesome for me.