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Mark Trumbo’s Last Seven Hits Have All Been Home Runs


On the morning of August 11, Mark Trumbo was MLB’s Home Run leader with 31 blasts at the time. Today, just twelve days later, he still leads … with his home run counter ticked up to 38.


Indeed, Mark Trumbo has hit seven home runs in the past twelve days (11 games), giving him a three home run lead on Edwin Encarnacion (35) in second place. But that’s not the only interesting part. Every single one of Trumbo’s hits during that stretch have been home runs.

Check it out:

7 homers, 10 runs, 15 RBI

That’s difficult to do in the home run derby, let alone against live, Major League pitching. And the seven consecutive homers have also led to a really interesting slash line over that stretch: .211/.318/.763 in which Trumbo is hitting .211, but has an OPS near 1.000.

Despite hitting near the Mendoza line, Trumbo’s insane power has allowed him to keep a 434 wOBA and a 175 wRC+, too (meaning that he’s been about 75% better than the average hitter during that stretch). At some point he’ll probably try to get on base again, but as long as he can keep cranking them out of the ballpark, well, we’ll be happy.



Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.