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Missing the Worst of American Idol? This Crazy Phillies Vendor Has You Covered

Funny and Happy

Warning: The following Baseball is Fun article probably has the least to do with actual baseball as any we’ve ever published, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.


Every ballpark in Major League Baseball has its own personality, and a lot of that has to do with the vendors. Vendors one of the most iconic parts of the game, and their scheduled shouts of “Cracker Jacks!” or “Beer Here!” are as crucial to the atmosphere as anything else.

At Wrigley Field – the Alma Mater of my baseball fandom – some of the vendors even sing you a tune, depending on what you order. They’re normally pretty funny (and moderately good at singing), but this Phillies vendor, well, she’s in a league of her own:

Okay, okay. You seem to be using the same melody with different snacks, but okay.

I like the enthusiasm – the decision to say “a peanuts” was arguably not great – but I like the enthusiasm. Around these parts, we like when people have fun, and make no mistake: no one is having more fun than she is.



Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.