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Matt Holliday Comes Off the DL for a Cardinals Send-Off, Hits a Pinch Hit Homer

Homers, Wild and Crazy

Matt Holliday has quietly been one of the best Cardinals, well, ever. It’s a franchise with a storied history, to be sure, so that list of “the best” would need to be pretty long to include Holliday’s time with the club, but he’s been there seven and a half very productive years.

That time is probably coming to an end, with word that the Cardinals will not exercise the 36-year-old slugger’s 2017 option. Even though he’s been hurt and probably can’t contribute much this weekend or in the playoffs, the organization wanted to give him a send-off in St. Louis, so they activated him from the disabled list anyway. In a blowout game, he had a chance to pinch hit late, and because baseball really seems to love storybook moments, this happened:

Holliday was visibly emotional throughout. What a touching moment for him, his teammates, and the fans in St. Louis.