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If Only Francisco Lindor Had Been Holding His Own Birthday Cake, This Could Have Been Avoided

Funny and Happy

Francisco Lindor is a stud. And while he’s quickly developing an underrated bat, he is perhaps best known right now for his stellar glove work at shortstop. So good is Lindor that he was recently honored not only with a Gold Glove award, but also the Platinum Glove award, given to the best defensive player in each league.

That is all to say: Lindor is very good with his hands.

Lindor also celebrated a birthday recently, turning 23. The birthday cake moment was filmed, and Lindor’s brother was tasked with holding the centerpiece. Fun was had, as frosting was smeared on Lindor’s face, and then … whoops:

Not top 10 E4 #ErrorOnMyBirthday #MyBrotherDropTheCake #WeStillAteIt

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I doubt a Gold Glover drops that cake. Just sayin’.

Fortunately, the cake miraculously landed on its own bottom, meaning that it was mostly salvageable. So it simply became a good time for all.


Happy birthday, Francisco! Next year, you hold the cake!

(h/t BLS)