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Come Now and Enjoy Anthony Rizzo’s Delightful Version of Coldplay’s ‘The Scientist’


I know that opinions on the band ‘Coldplay’ are mixed, with many enjoying their relatively inoffensive, rock-adjacent sound, and others feeling like there’s not quite enough there.

I don’t really have a strong opinion either way, but I will say that ‘The Scientist’ is one of my favorite songs, full stop. Love that song. The original version is great, and there’s an acoustic version that’s great, and then there’s a Willie Nelson version that is sublime.

I just listened to all three. Yeah, I like that song.

And I like it even more after hearing the latest version – the instrumental version from Chicago Cubs first baseman/pianoman Anthony Rizzo, with support from his dad on the drums:


The scientist remix – featuring John Rizzo 🎶🎹🎼

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I kept waiting for Rizzo to bust out “Come up to meeeeet yoooouuuu … “, but I’ll settle for the music only. When you just won the World Series, you can play songs however you want.

Rizzo’s been working on his piano skills for a little while now. He busted out a performance for his teammates at Spring Training earlier this year, and, having just seen the headline we used for that post, now I have to change the headline to this one. Thanks, Past Us.

Rizzo also recently showed off his non-baseball talent on ‘Saturday Nigh Live,’ singing some ‘Go Cubs Go,’ and also dancing and twerking as a stripper. Yup.