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The Chicago Cubs World Series Sanitation Celebration

Funny and Happy

Ever since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, people have been celebrating the historic event in all sorts of unique ways – many of which we’ve captured here at Baseball Is Fun:

And with the holidays just around the corner, a whole new x-mas-light theme has elevated the celebration to new heights (or plunged it to new depths (I’m glad you like poop-based puns, they’ll be in a majority of my posts)).

Just recently, for example, Service Sanitation’s line of #JingleJohns combined the Christmas tradition of music and light with Chicago’s victory song, ‘Go Cubs Go’ to create the following:



As a final interesting factoid: You may know that Steve Goodman composed the song in 1984, but you might not have known that it took him over three years to complete. Apparently, he had problems with his last movement.

Thank you, and goodnight!


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.