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What’s Wrong with My Pants: Arizona Diamondbacks Read Mean Tweets About their Uniforms

Funny and Happy

The world we live in is amazing.

The technology we enjoy on a daily basis, for example, is already reminiscent of the dystopian futures written about in the 80s (you know, without the the murderous rampage of a new technology to save us from ourselves). We have private citizens landing rockets in the middle of the ocean, Amazon delivery drones, and Netflix (Netflix!!!).

Along with some of that awesome, game-changing technology, we also get social media. At its best, social media can be an amazing tool to connect people from all parts of the world; but at its worst, well you know.

Check out some of the Arizona Diamondbacks (including the uniform designer, herself!) reading mean tweets about their new threads back in April.


Reading #MeanTweets (originally started by Jimmy Kimmel) is a funny way to face the insanity hiding behind computer screens across the world head on. You have to give props to the the Diamondbacks, who executed it with aplomb … but that doesn’t mean you have to like their ugly jerseys.

And I’m guessing that fourth place finish didn’t help much. In fact, the Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall has already confirmed that changes are on the way (and that they knew they were coming after just one month of the new jerseys). I guess complaining on Twitter really does affect change.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.