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Wrigley Field Is Looking Especially Tasty Lately


Quietly, one of the best parts of the Chicago Cubs World Series victory was how late it brought baseball into the calendar year. For most Cubs fans like myself, baseball typically ends at least a month before it did in 2016. This year, however, Thanksgiving was just a stone’s throw away from Game 7.

And with the extra dose of baseball nearer the hollidays, we get stuff like this: A Wrigley Field Gingerbread house!


Every year, apparently, Gerald Madero, the head chef at Forest Hills Country Club, does a gingerbread display to highlight the club’s annual Gingerbread Brunch, and this year, the Chicago Cubs were on the mind.

Interestingly, Madero’s pre-chef bacground is what allowed him to make such an intricate structure. “Because I was a carpenter, I had the math skills to build the gingerbread structure,” said Madero, 37. “I had to make curves and all that to make it fit. Not having those skills probably would have made it almost impossible.”



According to Maggie Hradecky (, the candied Friendly Confines took Madero and his team more than 70 hours to build, weighing more than 400 pounds, and nearly every piece is a sweet touch (gelatin windows, edible scoreboards, cracker seats, cookie floors, icing trim, and candy flags).

You can see many more pictures and learn more about the Madero’s Clark-and-Addison-themed Ginger Bread house here.

h/t: Justin Frey


Michael Cerami

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