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This Is One Of The Best Catches You’ll Ever See … Just Happens It Was In Cricket


I’ll be direct and up front: this is not baseball.

But, you know, cricket is a sport that is a kindred spirit of baseball, what with its kinda batting, kinda running bases, kinda scoring runs, and kinda pitching.

And never have I felt that connection between cricket and baseball more than I do right now, because this freaking catch would be appropriate on any highlight reel you would see coming at the end of a baseball season. Heck, this catch is even better than most you’d seen on the baseball diamond, because the guy doesn’t even have a glove:


Unbelievable catch in cricket!! from sports

I am blown away. This catch is incredible. And the fact that he full-on face-planted at the end, while holding onto the ball?

Sign him up, MLB teams. If nothing else, he can teach your players the art of the glove-less catch for those times when a glove just won’t do.