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Was Baseball Fun Again in 2016? You Better Believe It! And Exciting! And Weird!

Funny and Happy

bryce harper make baseball fun againThe new year is upon us, and with that comes resolutions, targets, and goals for 2017. But before we move onto yet another year (and MLB season), it’s worth taking a final look at 2016.


You see, in 2016, Bryce Harper had but one goal: make baseball fun again (which is, coincidentally why he started this website and edits every post in the offseason – #truth). After years of tradition, seniority, and unwritten rules governed the game like a Catholic school principal in 1975, Harper expressed some concern that things may have gotten a bit stale, a bit uptight, perhaps even a bit … boring.

But in 2016, the rest of the league answered Harper’s call to greatness, and had a whole lot of fun.

So much fun, in fact, that Matt Marrone of ESPN ran through more than 30 of best, most memorable moments of the season, splitting them up into the following categories:

  1. Wardrobe Malfunctions (4)
  2. Rookie Sensations (5)
  3. Feats at the Plate (3)
  4. Feats on the Mound (3)
  5. Amazing Feats in the Field (3)
  6. Amazing Amazin’ Moments (3)
  7. Social Media (5)
  8. Fans (3)
  9. Curtain Calls (4)
  10. The Chicago Cubs! (#1)

S0 whether it’s Pablo Sandoval’s broken belt, Matt Szczur’s underwear, Trevor’s Story (trademark), Ichiro’s Pete-Rose-passing hit, Max Scherzer’s 20K game, Aaron Hick’s 105 MPH throw, Tim Tebow’s contract with the Mets, Giancarlo Stanton’s Wookie dress-upfans buying items off a player’s wedding registry, Vin Scully, David Ross, David Ortiz, and Alex Rodriguez’s retirement or, of course, the Chicago freakin’ Cubs winning the World Series.


We even had a model aggressively getting into the Cy Young debate!

… no one can say 2016 was a boring year for baseball. It was fun. Tons of fun. And in 2017, we’re going to make it fun *once again*. See you there.

Happy New Year.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.