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Oh, That’s Cold: Cubs Ball Boy Tasked with Finding the “Key” to the Batter’s Box

Funny and Happy

Given that we’ve just made it into the new year (Happy New Year!), I’m guessing you’d like to get off on the right foot. You know how it goes, for about a week you’ll eat healthier, work out harder, and try to be a bit nicer ….

But if you’ll indulge in the dark side with me for just a moment, we might all have a good laugh at the expense of a child. You know, good ole fashioned, wholesome fun.

Back in the summer of 1990, the Cubs had a pitcher by the name of Rick Sutcliffe, and he had a sense of humor. When the ball boy showed up for work one day, Sutcliffe had an extremely important task for him: find the key to the batters box.


And as I hope you can imagine, he had a … difficult time locating it:

Without thinking twice, several of the umpires jumped in on the laugh, and sent our ball boy on a wild goose chase around the diamond. He eventually did make it back into the dugout, but I’m not sure he ever found that key.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.