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Dexter Fowler Mistakes Spider-Man for Superman, and the Internet Internets All Over Him

Funny and Happy

Dexter Fowler is a good dude. I think fans of any of his previous three teams can attest to that, and I also think Cardinals fans will soon come to know it.

Tonight, Fowler tried to have a little fun with a picture on Twitter, flashing his characteristically lovely smile. It’s just, well, he made a mistake:

The responses, as you’d expect, were brutal. I’ll protect the innocent and snarky by not posting them here, but you can click through on the tweet and see for yourself. The picture, of course, is of Fowler with Spider-Man, not Superman. The spider is among the indications.


To his great credit, Fowler not only hasn’t deleted the tweet, but he’s gone on to defend himself in the lighthearted, good-natured way he has:


I get it, Dexter. Truly, I do.

And we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Whether it was a typo that completely changed the meaning of your scent ants, or some factoid that you simply didn’t know.


I have nothing but respect for Fowler at this moment. He was a fun guy with the Cubs, and has treated his transition to the Cardinals with great care. I won’t rip him for this.

I am, however, going to get him a couple comic books.

Meanwhile, the Cubs got in on the fun, and Fowler played along:


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