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Carlos Martinez Does It All for the Cardinals And Makes Baseball Fun To Watch


Carlos Martinez’s contract extension with the St. Louis Cardinals is a win-win for both the player and the team.

Martinez gets a pay raise over the next five years — seven if the Cardinals pick of a pair of option years at the end. And the Cardinals aren’t just locking up their best pitcher — they are keeping their most entertaining player in the fold. More win-win.

Martinez is a do-it-all player who does everything with a sense of flair, which makes him all the more entertaining. Think: Carlos Zambrano, but with a friendly relationship with Gatorade coolers.

For example, check out Martinez handling the bat:


Putting the ball in play is nice, but watching him circle the bases at Coors Field makes you raise your eyebrows for a moment:

And it’s not as if that athleticism isn’t limited to the bases, just watch him field his position with quick twitch reflexes:


And another:

Oh yeah, he can pitch, too:

Martinez is going to be a thorn in the side of the National League Central for the foreseeable future. But he’ll be worth watching from afar — when he isn’t facing your team.