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Forget Those Super Bowl Catches: Remember When Jim Edmonds Made *THE* Catch?

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After the Super Bowl, I saw a lot of folks talking about Julian Edelman’s incredible catch in service of the Patriots’ comeback. And about Julio Jones’ equally incredible catch on the sidelines.

And, hey, fair enough. They were ridiculously amazing catches:


Fantastic catches. Truly.

But they got me thinking about how they’d look patrolling center field, tracking a much smaller ball, moving much faster, and one that wasn’t thrown to a particular spot.

In short, I thought immediately about what might be the most incredible center field catch of all-time:

I cannot possibly overstate how nutso amazing that catch is. I don’t need to try. You just saw it. You can tell from his reaction that Edmonds – who was no stranger to incredible catches – couldn’t even believe he’d just done that.

All in all, I’m taking Edmonds’ catch, though, given the situation, I won’t hate you for lovin’ on the Super Bowl catches.