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Crazy Spring Training Food Includes Bacon-Wrapped-Burger-Wrapped Hot Dog, Cotton Candy Dog

Wild and Crazy

If the return of baseball to your daily life isn’t getting your appetite worked up, this will:


Kari Van Horn of ABC15 news in Phoenix, Ariz., has the newest additions to the Royals and Rangers ballpark dining menu.

Instead of third basemen, we’re looking at a 1/3-pound hot dog, wrapped in a burger patty, and tied together with two pieces of bacon – called the Triple Play. Surely, you’ve had a bratwurst at the ballpark. But you haven’t had a bratwurst teamed with a bowl of creamy mac-and-cheese. Those are just two of the additions to the menu, which could serve as a precursor for what is to come at the Major League level.

In 2016, the Rangers introduced 10 new food items to Globe Life Park in Arlington – and Rangers writer Evan Grant and food writer Sarah Blaskovich of the Dallas Morning News consumed it all prior to the start of the season. The Texas-sized additions included a cheeseburger topped with four patties, buffalo chicken loaded fries, a chicken-and-donut skewer … and a cotton candy-topped hot dog:


image via Guide Live – much more there

The reviewers, believe it or not, actually liked that one!

Not all of the food items are going to be home runs, depending on your palate. But they’re worth stepping to the dish and checking them out. Isn’t that what spring training is all about?