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After Dominating in the Little League World Series, Mo’ne Davis Will Take Her Talents to the Courts


Armed with a fastball that reached 71 m.p.h. and a curveball that buckled knees and baffled opposing hitters, Mo’ne Davis took the baseball world by storm in the 2014 Little League World Series:

Three years later, Davis has changed lanes, taking her talents from the diamond to the hardwood.


Mirin Fader of Bleacher Report writes a profile documenting Davis’ rise as she strives for a new dream — playing women’s basketball at the Division I level.  Sure, she’s traded one round ball for another, three-base hits for three-man weaves, and pitches for put-backs, but Davis continues to be successful at whatever she competes in — no matter the level.

Currently, she is the only girl on a youth recreational basketball team and plays for the Anderson Monarchs’ 18-and-under league, where she and her teammates compete against other local Philadelphia rec league teams who are two or three years older. She is a basketball junkie who constantly works at her craft and surprisingly hasn’t let the kind of fame that could easily sidetrack any teenager get to her head.

By all accounts, Davis hasn’t changed over the years. She just wants to ball.


It seems as if baseball has taken a backseat, but she will always have the memories of being a legend on the diamond.

And for fun, let’s watch Davis dominate night time talk show host Jimmy Fallon.