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Worth It: Fan Wipes Out Chasing Home Run Ball (VIDEO)

Funny and Happy, Homers

In today’s Astros-Marlins tilt in Florida, the teams combined for four homers – a healthy total this early in the Spring, when the old saw is that “pitchers are ahead of the hitters.”

One of those four homers was more entertaining than the other three, though, thanks not only to the length of the drive by Marlins prospect Isaac Galloway, but mostly because of the earnest fan who tried to make a play on the ball.


In the outfield in Spring Training, you gotta watch out for the hill:


That’s a tough play right there, and one that many Astros outfielders have struggled with over the years thanks to (now-defunct) Tal’s Hill.

Kudos to the fan for playing it off, and enjoying the silliness of his moment. And, hey, he got the ball, didn’t he?!

In the future, though, I think the lesson is to bring a lawn chair and a glove, so you can be more like this fan.