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New York, New York: Cespedes and Bird Pop Ridiculously Long Homers


1. Take a couple New York batters known for their power.

2. Let them take hacks in exhibition games against pitchers who are just trying to get their arms ready for the season ahead.

3. ????


… er, I mean, MONSTER DINGERS!


Each of Yoenis Cespedes and Greg Bird crushed the type of homers that are worth watching simply for their prodigiousness.


I especially enjoyed how the announcer slowly raises his reaction from something like “oh, yeah, ho hum, it’s a fairly deep fly ball” to “oh wow that’s OVER the batter’s eye!”



There was no similar announcer consternation in that one.

I can’t even rightly tell you, on watching, whose homer went farther. Bird’s certainly cleared a number of people and structures, but Cespedes’s was, what, 30+ feet high over the center field batter’s eye, which is 410 feet away? Bird’s probably appeared a longer blast based on perspective, but I bet Cespedes’ was actually a deeper blast.

Now, gentlemen: save some for the regular season.