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Check Out This Beautiful Snag Manny Machado Just Made Against Canada

Incredible Plays

Team Canada features an assortment of legit big leaguers, interesting youngsters, and yup-they’re-playing-in-this former big leaguers (Eric Gagne! Ryan Dempster! (who better hope he doesn’t have to face Theo Epstein)).

Still, their chances in the World Baseball Classic are slim, thanks to a draw that has them in a four-team pool that features the United States and Dominican Republic … and only two teams advance.


If they’re going to pull off a surprise, they’ll have to win games like the one they’re playing right now against the DR in Miami. They trail 4-2 in the middle innings, and they got no help from star infielder Manny Machado, who is not interested in making things easy for our friends up north:

Machado is a stud, eh? He’s not just great at the diving catches, either – that arm is ridiculous.