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Shohei Otani is Probably Ready for the Regular Season – Just Hit His 4th Homer in 7 Games


Ruthian Japanese slugger/pitcher Shohei Otani didn’t get a chance to show off his unique talents on the national stage in the World Baseball Classic thanks to an ill-timed ankle injury, but he does still have to get ready for his professional season in Japan. Thus, he’s playing in the league’s equivalent of Spring Training, and doing what he does – crushing monster bombs.

The latest was his 4th in just seven games – math says that’s a lot – and you are reminded that Otani is best known for being a dominant pitcher.


Here’s the blast, which goes ten rows deep the opposite way, despite looking like he didn’t even get all of it:

If he keeps this up in the regular season, he could have an even more ridiculous season than last year, when he was named the best pitcher AND the best DH in the league.


Also: good gravy, did you see the size of that crowd? For a pre-season/Spring Training game? Fans in Japan are doing it right!

(h/t r/baseball)