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Angels Pull Off a No-Hitter Thanks to THREE Fantastic Plays in the 9th Inning

Incredible Plays, Wild and Crazy

One of the greatest catches of all-time in my only-slightly-humble opinion was Stephen Souza’s diving catch. Can I just call it that, and you know exactly what I mean? Well you should! Because not only was it an amazing catch, but it came with two outs in the 9th inning of a Jordan Zimmermann no-hitter!

I mention it because, although almost every no-hitter in history is associated with at least one incredible defensive play that helps save the moment, it’s rare that you see it in the final inning. It’s rarer still that you see multiple excellent defensive plays in the 9th inning.


How about all three outs in the 9th inning of a no-hitter being fantastic defensive plays?

Well, it happened! OK, so it was only a Spring Training game, but it still happened for the Angels in their combined no-hitter:


Incredible. In a way, it’s really a shame that this was a Spring Training game, because, were it the regular season, people would remember this for a very long time.

As it stands, it’s already starting to slip from your mind. But I hope you enjoyed it!