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Greg Maddux Was Not Just a Hall of Fame Pitcher, but, Apparently, Also a Hall of Fame Prankster

Funny and Happy

Earlier this offseason, one thing was made abundantly clear: Hall of Fame Pitcher Greg Maddux not only enjoys a good prank … he’s good at them.

Follow that link and you can watch a disguised Greg Maddux throw batting practice to reigning NL MVP and World Series champ Kris Bryant. Basically, Bryant thinks the “sound guy” on set is just a bit cocky, until he starts peelin’ off some nasty pitches and catches Bryant by surprise.

But while that may have been Maddux’s most recent prank, it’s far from the only one. And it’s certainly not the strangest.


Earlier today, New York Times Magazine staff writer Sam Anderson was flipping through the Chipper Jones memoir “Ballplayer,” (which you can purchase on Amazon using that link while supporting this site in the process!), when he stumbled upon a rather … unusual Maddux prank (if you can even call it a prank).

Check it out:

First of all … yikes. Actually, there’s no second of all. That’s it. No further comment. Have a good day.



Michael Cerami

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