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Carlos Correa, Rougned Odor, And Carlos Gomez Going DEEP In The Heart Of Texas


If Opening Day were supposed to be for the aces, Carlos Correa and Carlos Gomez didn’t get the memo. Because deep in the heart of Texas, Correa was doing this to former Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez:

That’s 449 feet worth of home run against one of baseball’s best pitchers. Only five more of his blasts have traveled more. It’s like Correa is picking up where he left off in the World Baseball Classic. In case you were wondering, the ball eventually came down … just look where this thing landed:


Not to be outdone, Carlos Gomez played long ball against another former AL Cy Young winner in Corey Kluber. One pitch after the Indians tied the game at 1-1, Gomez un-tied it with one mighty swing of the bat:

Holy crap did he smoke that one.

Yeah, that’s prettaaaay, prettaaaay far.


Baseball’s return to the Lone Star State has been a dinger-friendly one, as Rougned Odor has two on the night, too. He’s hitting them like, well, you know …

I guess that fifty-some-odd million dollar extension is suiting him nicely.