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Great Moments in Face-Meeting-Base Has a Hilarious New Addition


Over the past two seasons – and especially in the World Baseball Classic – Javy Baez has shown us how graceful slides into bases can be:

Smooth as silk.

Unfortunately, not everyone has Baez’s flair and poise. Like, for example, the 2012 NL MVP, Buster Posey:


Or, for another example, the 2016 American League Gold Glove second baseman, Ian Kinsler:

But while these slides are absolutely hilarious (and probably pretty painful) to watch, I don’t offer them up tonight just to poke fun at a couple of Major Leaguers.

Instead, we’re laughing at Posey and Kinsler tonight, so that this young softballer knows that even when you’re a pro … you can fall flat on your face:

In my opinion, she handles it like a champ anyway.

And hey, if she keeps practice, and keeps working hard, maybe, just maybe, one day she’ll be able to slide flat on her face in a professional stadium. 🙂