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Want To See Yourself On TV At A Baseball Game? There’s An App For That!


Have you ever attended a ballgame and caught a glimpse of history, only to find out from a friend or family member (hopefully, not your boss) that the cameras panning the stadium also caught you catching the historic moment?

Say no more, fan.

The 15 Seconds of Fame app has partnered with Major League Baseball to provide fans with the future of memories that will last a lifetime. And rather than thumbing through a three-hour game to find you televised moment of glory, this simple app does all the hard work for you. And all you have to do is snap a selfie (like you were going to anyway!).


Mark Townsend of Yahoo!’s Big League Stew has the details:

“15 Seconds of Fame (“15SOF”) delivers never before available personalized video moments from live events directly to your smartphone. Have you ever wanted your epic moment captured on the Jumbotron? Have you ever wondered if you were caught on camera at a concert, campus event, parade, sporting event, or television show taping? Wonder no more! 15 SOF is the newest and most advanced social media app.

Now there is a way to capture, preserve, and share these memories. Simply register, take a selfie, and we will deliver your 15 Seconds of Fame directly to your phone.

The future of memories… The ultimate selfie.”

And there you have it. The magic of an app can provide you a lifetime of memories with a simple snap. But seriously. Just don’t get in trouble with your boss if you’ve called in sick to attend a game.