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Kenley Jansen Becomes the FOURTH Pitcher to Throw an Immaculate Inning This Season

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Earlier this season, we watched in awe as Drew Storen threw the first immaculate inning of 2017 for the Cincinnati Reds. It was, to be subtle, awesome.


After all, there was only one immaculate inning in all of 2016 – Juan Nicasio – and just two others the year prior. However, this season, it seems that immaculate innings are back in style.

Since Storen threw his on April 18, three more pitchers have accomplished the same feat (Craig Kimbrel, Max Scherzer, and, Kenley Jansen). The most recent immaculate inning – Jansen’s – came last night against the Marlins, and was actually part of a four-out save, in which Jansen notched his second career hit.

Check out his awesome appearance (including the hit) below:

The sound of the ball hitting the mitt is just so perfect.

The batters are just entirely overmatched, hardly ever even swinging the bat. In fact, by my count, that was six strikes looking to just three swinging:


Derek Dietrich

1) Looking strike,
2) Looking strike,
3) Looking strike (1 Out)

J.T. Riddle

4) Looking strike,
5) Swinging strike,
6) Looking strike (2 Outs)

Ichiro Suzuki

7) Looking strike,
8) Swinging strike,
9) Swinging strike for the final out. 

I wonder who will do it next.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.