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How Did I Miss This? A Colorado Rockies Player Literally Hit The Cover off the Ball Earlier This Season


Weird things tend to happen at Coors Field, a stadium that inflates batting averages and deflates the egos of pitchers.


So, when you hear about a batter hitting the cover off the ball, you probably have a certain set of expectations. Prepare to be surprised.

Earlier this season, Tony Wolters of the Colorado Rockies took a mighty swing of the bat, sending the ball traveling just a few feet, before San Diego Padres reliever Miguel Diaz picked it up with his bare hand and fired it to first.

Diaz’s throw didn’t have much on it though, and it turns out that’s because Wolters had literally hit the cover off the ball. Catching it off the end of the bat, Wolters connected in the only place where he could bust the seams.

In the end, the play didn’t end up resulting in a run. Which is weird, because I never would have imagined someone hitting a ball and breaking it and it not resulting in a run crossing the plate – especially at Coors Field.