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15 Years Ago Today, Shawn Green Tied a Major League Record with Four Homers Against the Brewers

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Yesterday, I stumbled upon this fantastic graphical representation of the rarity of various MLB feats (hitting for the cycle, no-hitters, perfect games, etc.).


Check it out (and then quickly like us on Facebook too):

At the very bottom (i.e. the rarest of events) is the four-homer game. As you can see, there’ve been 14 four-homer games in Major League Baseball (and no five-homer games) during the modern era. The most recent of which came from Josh Hamilton back in 2012 against the Baltimore Orioles.

But today – May 23 – happens to be the 15-year anniversary of Shawn Green’s four-homer effort for the Los Angeles Dodgers (and against the Milwaukee Brewers) back in 2002.


Here’s a video – courtesy of the Dodgers on Twitter – of his ridiculous performance, which also happened to include a single and a double:

Check it out:

That’s one fine piece of hitting. And for some extra yucks, check out the change in Green’s season stats before that day’s offensive breakout and immediately thereafter:


Before May 23, 2002: .238/.344/.396 (97 wRC+)
After May 23, 2002: .265/.364/.494 (126 wRC+)

He gained 27 points of batting average, 20 points of on-base percentage, and 98 (!) points of slugging IN ONE AFTERNOON! Using wRC+, we can see that he went from being roughly 3% worse than the average Major League hitter to 26% better. 

Now that’s what they call “Having yourself a day.”


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.