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The Cardinals Got Their Own Catch Overturned on Replay and Then Gave Up a Grand Slam

Wild and Crazy

Strictly speaking, the headline up there says it all. But, if you’re scratching your head on how that’s possible, allow me to provide some context.


Playing the Cincinnati Reds tonight, Cardinals starter Adam Wainwright allowed two baserunners after recording the first out in the inning. The next batter, Eugenio Suarez, hit a pop foul down the right field line and it was caught. A run tagged up and scored on the play, but hey, good to get an out and stay out of the big inning.

Except, um, the Cardinals challenged it. Yes, they challenged their own catch:

And they won the challenge. Foul ball. Hooray!

Except, um, two batters later, this happened:

D’oh. We can’t say for sure how the inning would have played out if the Cardinals had just kept their out, but, at least mathematically, they couldn’t have given up a grand slam to Scooter Gennett.

Live and learn, kids: don’t ask for a replay review of your own catches. Because you might be right.

Bonus: that Gennett homer was just one of FOUR HE HIT IN THE GAME.