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When a Dropped Ball In Left Field Turns Into an Inning-Ending Double Play Including an Out at the Plate … And Then at Third Base

Interesting, Wild and Crazy

This Red Sox/Blue Jays series has been pretty fun, hasn’t it?


Yesterday, we got to see Jackie Bradley Jr. throwing out Jose Bautista from DEEP in center field to preserve an extra-innings tie (for a game that would go on to last 19(!) innings). And now, today, we get to see the Blue Jays turn a dropped fly ball in left field into an inning ending double play, featuring outs at home and third.

I know, weird, but take a look:

Do you think there was anything the runner headed home could’ve done? Even if he didn’t think the ball would be dropped (why would he think that), he was going to stay near the third base bag anyway (to tag up/not get doubled up at third on a shallow fly ball). No, I don’t think he had many options.

The runner at second heading to third, though … yikes.

Whatever the opposite of heads-up baseball is can be seen here. Not only does the runner not make it to third in time, he wasn’t even CLOSE. And that’s after the left fielder threw the ball all the way home, the catcher fumbles around looking for the plate, puts his hands together thinking the play is over, and makes a leisurely throw to third.

I know it was confusing, but you have to be on top of that. Weird play all around.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.