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WOW: An Inside-the-Park Grand Slam Thanks to a Really Bad Decision

Homers, Wild and Crazy

When you hear about an inside-the-park homer, you generally assume something unusual must have happened. The ball kicked strangely off the wall. An outfielder fell down. Two outfielders collided. That kind of thing.


And when you hear about an inside-the-park grand slam, well, it’s not as if that requires that something even crazier happened, but it does make you pay even closer attention.

Washington Nationals outfielder Michael Taylor just hit an inside-the-park grand slam, which is really fun and cool. But it happened because Odubel Herrera made a very bad, very funny decision:

Oh man oh man. I get it: Herrera was trying to set himself up for a play at the plate, but he grossly misjudged how hard the ball was hit, and his helpless leap to catch the ball was not enough to correct his mistake.


For Herrera and the Phillies, it’s embarrassing. For the rest of us, it was fun.