Your Monday Night Football Game Thread (Now with Alshon GIF)

Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico

Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico

Here’s everything you should know about tonight’s game. (Well, I mean, you probably need some background knowledge in the sport of football, among other things, but I can only do so much.) I’ll be Tweeting heavily throughout; if you’d like to join in, you can follow me @BearsBN. Feel free to say hi. I’ll also be monitoring the comments, if you’d like to talk about the game here, you should feel free to do so!

Who: Cowboys (7-5) at Bears (6-6)

When: Coverage starts at 8:30 on ESPN; Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden (pictured) will have the call.

Where: Soldier Field, Chicago; it’s a dry forecast, but temperatures are expected to be in the teens with wind chills near (possibly below) zero.


  • Whichever team wins moves into a tie for first in their respective division; a loss for Chicago would be more damaging, due to their lack of a tiebreaker over Detroit. (Dallas currently retains an outside shot at a wild card berth as well, although a loss tonight would very much jeopardize that path.)
  • Dallas is just 2-4 on the road this season, while the Bears are 4-2 at home.
  • The teams have met four times since 2004, splitting those games, but the Bears have won the previous two meetings, including  a win in Dallas on Monday Night Football last season.
  • The Bears will retire Mike Ditka’s iconic #89 jersey at halftime. How could they lose with Coach Ditka in attendance?
  • Apparently Jay Ratliff will be under “no limitations” tonight, which makes sense; there’s only four games left, and all are basically must-win. No point being overly protective now.

Bear Down!

GIF via SBNation (@SBNationgif)

GIF via SBNation (@SBNationgif)

Update: Holy…man. Alshon may have just topped his catch from last week with this crazy play to give the Bears a 24-14 halftime lead.


Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

36 responses to “Your Monday Night Football Game Thread (Now with Alshon GIF)”

  1. Patrick

    The lions just keep giving this team a chance. I feel like I should just give up with this atrocious defense but the lions simply refuse to take the division and run with it.

  2. jmc

    what is the preferred drink for Soldier Field tonight? I tried to reason on the cubb site with minimal results.maybe that serious enough for there? has to be serious for Soldier Field tonight

  3. jmc

    well it does seem awfully cold there tonight. two suggestions from Bleacher nation were whiskey or vodka and cranberry juice. Gotta be something better

  4. Bears2013

    Bears Threatening to score

  5. Bears2013

    bears tie the game at 7. YEAH!!!!!

  6. Bears2013

    James Anderson sacks Romo. Yeah!!! GO BEARS!!!!

  7. Bears2013

    mcCown out to play. Bears threaten again.

  8. Bears2013

    touchdown again. 14-7 bears with 9 minutes to play till the end of the first half.

  9. Bears2013

    cowboys score tie the score at 14. Defense has been horrible for both teams. 5 and a half minutes left till half.

  10. Kyle

    As much as I love the catch, I also love McCown’s ability to throw that slow-moton sky ball and have it drop perfectly 40 yards away.

    1. Funn Dave

      Was that forty yards? Wow. I missed the game but that catch was amazing and it looked like it came from a beautiful pass.

  11. intheowetrust

    The Bear figured out how to play defense – just don’t let the other team have the ball!

    1. Tim

      Well our run defense was absolutely terrible as always, but if we jump ahead to a lead like this, they are forced to throw the ball.

      Scoring on every drive also helps

  12. Dustin S

    The cap on tonight was seeing Orton in mop-up duty.

  13. roz

    What a game. Our defense still looked real bad, but man this is a fun offense to watch.

  14. Jorbert Solmora

    That had to be their lost complete game of the year. Tremendous play from O-Line, receivers, runners, and McCown. Defense did enough to win. Gotta win these next three. Getting Briggs back would certainly help.

    1. Jorbert Solmora


  15. #1lahairfan

    A fairly good win by the Bears. Our run defense still sucks. 🙁
    Until it’s fixed up we aren’t going anywhere.

  16. Brendan

    Glad we really pushed things on offense this week. I wish we had brought this attitude to the Vikings game last week, instead of relaxing once things seemed to be going our way.

    I hope Trestman continues this the rest of the way. This defense is too terrible to let off the gas on offense at any point in time.

  17. Polar Bear

    I’m starting to get the feeling that my tickets to the game against the Packers are going to become really important! What a great Christmas gift I was given.

    1. Funn Dave

      Wow. Great present. Have fun with that. And go Pack go!