Bear Down: Bears at Eagles Game Thread


A final rundown as kickoff approaches. My Things to Look For post is here, and it includes the report that Lance Briggs is going to be active tonight.

Who:Β Bears (8-6) at Eagles (8-6)

When:Β Kickoff is scheduled for 8:30 P.M. ET, on NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will have the call. Your over/under for “Alshon Jeffries” mentions: 12.

Where:Β Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA. The weather is unseasonably warm, but rain could be a factor. (Including a potential for thunderstorms.)


  • The Bears last played the Eagles in 2011, a 30-24 Bears win at Soldier Field. The last time the Bears traveled to Philadelphia was in 2010, when the Bears won 31-26 behind 4 Jay Cutler touchdown passes.
  • These two teams have played fairly often, for not being in the same division; this is their sixth meeting since 2007, and the Bears have won four of the previous five contests.
  • As a Bear, this will be Jay Cutler’s fourth game against the Eagles; he’s thrown seven touchdowns and one interception in the previous three games.
  • The Cowboys won earlier today, meaning this game won’t have any bearing on the Eagles playoff chances. (They’re still playing for seeding, though.) It remains to be seen whether that will affect Chip Kelly’s handling of the game. (Of course, if things break a certain way in the Detroit and Green Bay games, the Bears might end up in the same boat.)

Tonight is at the very least a great road test for the Bears against a playoff-caliber opponent.

Time to Bear Down.

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

40 responses to “Bear Down: Bears at Eagles Game Thread”

  1. Bears are superbowl champions 2013

    Detroit and Giants in overtime. Tied at 20.

  2. Nick

    Both teams helping us out, but Giants and Steelers are getting lucky late. Hopefully Bears can win tonight either way.

  3. Bears are superbowl champions 2013

    It’s over. Detroit loses on a field goal in overtime. Giants win 23-20. Go Bears.

  4. Bears are superbowl champions 2013

    Steelers score and now green bay has 1 minute and 25 seconds to tie it up with a touch down. Go Steelers defense.

  5. Bears are superbowl champions 2013

    It’s over. Greenbay loses. Steelers win 38-31. Go Bears.

  6. 5RunHomerun

    Come on Bears! Let’s get the division and the 3rd seed tonight.

    I have an account for the baseball side, but I can’t log in here. Is there a separate registration?

    1. 5RunHomerun

      It appears that I was able to use my account somehow. Cool.

    2. mjhurdle

      Same thing happens to me. It appears to be a separate login, but i can’t find where to create one for the Bears side.

      1. Cyranojoe

        Brett indicated it would be a separate login for the two sides of the site, at least for a while.

  7. Bears are superbowl champions 2013

    Detroit has been knocked out. Bears clinch with a win and if they lose than Green bay vs Bears decides who goes to playoffs and who stays home.

  8. mjhurdle

    Lets clinch this tonight then beat the tar out of the Packers next week just for fun.

    1. 5RunHomerun

      It would be really fun to win tonight, lock into the 3, and then treat next week’s game like a preseason game. The starters could play for a few series, but then we’d put in the subs. It would be fun if we could beat the Packers with guys like Sherrick McManis playing; I like his effort.

  9. Frank

    End of the first quarter and it’s 21-0. WTF

  10. Austin

    Mel Tucker needs to go. This D is beyond terrible and it’s not the injuries. They are poorly coached and have been set up to fail. This offseason needs to be 100% D focused and anything short is a failure on Emery. Fucking pathetic (sorry for the language).

  11. Cubfan Budman

    I agree Mel Tucker blows ass

  12. mjhurdle

    nice to see some points before half.
    I think they are in too big of a hole, but they have the offense to come back if somehow their defense can make some plays.

  13. Cubs_Questions

    I’ve never understood the Mel Tucker signing. He was the defensive coordinator of the Browns and Jaguars before this. This defense has taken 10 steps back from years past.

    1. Jon

      No professional defense should be this bad against the run. You only see this in high school. There is no justification for Tucker keeping his job

      1. Darth Ivy

        Exactly. They’re still professionals. They shouldn’t fail this badly. There needs to be a standard to even be on an nfl roster. No nfl defense should be this bad purely based on the quality of talent.

  14. mjhurdle

    a long TD drive here would give me a little hope…

  15. mjhurdle

    well, that was NOT a long TD drive.

    Unless the D comes away with a couple big turnovers, hard to see anything happening here.

    Looks like it will be Rodgers vs Cutler in Chicago next week for the NFC North crown.

  16. Frank

    54 to 11. What a super game and it’s not over yet.

  17. mick6x

    Talk about some unwatchable football, has the Bears D ever been this horrid?

    Great work Jay (Rigdon) keep it up!

  18. Mr. T

    I pity the fool who starts Cutler over Foles and loses handily o his own kin!

  19. jh03

    So if you would have played Foles would you have won?

  20. Darth Ivy

    Doesn’t the coaching and call making have to have some part to play in their defensive failure? It can’t be all on the personnel, right?

  21. DarthHater

    “That bear is about to eat that Eagle.”

    That bear was fleeing in terror from that eagle. What a prophetic picture.

  22. pricemuzol