Aaron Rodgers Will Reportedly Start for Packers on Sunday

green bay packers[Ed. – As is customary with me writing up Bears pieces, I’m just passing along the information, and I’ll leave it to Jay to dissect, analyze, and explain … ]

According to Fox Sports’ Paul Imig, a source says long-injured Packers quarterback and mustache aficionado Aaron Rodgers will return from his fractured collarbone this Sunday against the Bears. It’s essentially a pre-playoff playoff game for each team, with the winner heading to the playoffs and the loser going home, so Rodgers’ return is bad news for the Bears.

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10 responses to “Aaron Rodgers Will Reportedly Start for Packers on Sunday”

  1. mdavis

    maybe i’m being dumb, but i’m not overlyyyy concerned about him returning. does it change things a bit, yes. but he is human. he’s been out 2 months. that’s a lot of rust he’s going to have to shake off in a hurry. and their D still sucks and O line is a joke. so we’ll see. i’m sure all of the writers will jump on the packer bandwagon now, thats for sure.

  2. Kurt

    And the East coast media pees their pants in excitement.

  3. Edgar

    I am actually more concerned with Lacy then I am Rogers. Our D is possibly the worst run D I have ever seen. It is a joke how bad they have been in the second part of this season.

    1. Kurt

      Here’s hoping that after a game to knock the rust off Briggs is back up to his run stopping best as well as being able to get the kid LBers in their proper spots.

      Our line has also been a sieve which hasn’t helped the second level of defense, though Ratliff has been dominating.

      I’m curious to see if Tucker will be dialing up some pressure coz as good as Rodgers is his in game timing just has to be off…at least that’s my hope.

      That was Lovie’s big mistake last year in the S.F. game. He allowed Kaepernick to get very comfortable in his first outing in a long time…and he did get very comfortable.

      1. mdavis

        very good point. need to get after him early. make him get to his hot read and be accurate. do NOT allow him to get comfortable. that’s one thing (hasnt been much) that i’ve liked about tucker is he’ll come after you.

        1. Kurt

          Question is, is Tucker smart enough to read what the offense is showing and pick his spots. Got to imagine that the Bears will see a lot of Lacy (if he plays) to set up the play action.

          One way or another the Bears rush defense will have to step up and fill the holes to try and take that away.

          But there’s more to the game than Rodgers.

          The Packs pass defense (21) is worse than the Bears (14).

          The Bears (32) are dead last against the Packs who are only at (26) themselves, and Chicago gets Briggs back for the 2nd week in a row while the pack loses Clay (more of a pass rusher), which could cause a domino effect.

          The Bears are worse in points given up (30th) compared to the packs (26th) but not by much.

          And the Bears kill them in special teams with 1315 to 513 return yards.

          And the game is in Chicago, though the national love for double check man almost negates that advantage, I’m looking at you, refs.

          Everyone in the national media is having such an orgasm over Rodgers that all the other facets of the game seem to have been thrown out the window.

          Most worrisome to me though is Capers ability to confuse Cutty. Hopefully Cutler relies on Trestman’s ability to get the ball off in 2.3 seconds or less to alleviate that concern. If Cutler would learn to take what’s given he’d have plenty of opportunity’s for shots down the field.

          1. mdavis

            Yeah and for the most part cutler has done a pretty good job playing within the system. does he take risks with the football? yes, he trusts in his arm strength. but that’s also how you get big plays. i think its going to have to be like the dallas game where the D comes up with 1 or 2 stops that the O turns into points. Lacy has that banged up ankle, their o line sucks and the d is pretty bad.

            as for capers, he has given cutler trouble, but cutler has also taken a beating virtually every time he plays the pack. im not so sure thats the case now. itll be a fun game regardless, and hopefully we can talk bout it monday with smiles on our faces haha

  4. abe


  5. Da bears

    Brett why is it that everyone seems to have gave up
    On the bears now that rodgers is back. They are still
    Missing key people as are we and their defense
    Is almost as bad as ours and our offense is better
    Then theirs with rodgers.

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